On this page you will find the description of my services, including the values associated. For more information and personalized quotes, do not hesitate to contact me.

Included are exterior photography, interiors and drone photography, in daytime and evening sessions (if desired). The sessions are agreed with the photographer, who will always take into account the expected weather conditions.

The duration of a session can range from two hours to a full day, depending on the services requested.

  • T0 and T1: €95,00
  • T2 and T3: €120
  • V2 and V3: €175
  • V4 and V5: €195
  • V6 and V8: €235
  • Condos and Hotels: request your quote

At these prices, add the portuguse VAT rate.

The sessions are always held in the restaurant itself or another space provided by the applicant for the service.

The length of a session can range from a full day to a week, depending on the number of plates being photographed.


At these prices, add the portuguse VAT rate

This service is especially directed at maritime-tourist companies, tourist offices, municipalities etc … The goal is to capture experiences offered by tourist entities as well as publicize what the most beautiful regions have to offer to their tourism.

The duration of a session can vary between days and months depending on the locations to be captured, the required travels and the number of photos and/or videos required. It’s possible to make the video with a drone.

From 325€

At these prices, add the portuguese VAT rate.

60-minute sessions via Skype with the goal of supporting early career professionals in their launch in the world of photography.

We will always leave the singularity of the professional in question, that is, who he is as a person, what he likes most in the field of photography, what he wants to achieve and the lifestyle he wants to live. From there, steps are defined, technical doubts are clarified, information is provided about Off Marketing and Online Marketing, and a valuable network of contacts is shared for professionals in the field.

  • Session: 65€
  • 5 Sessions: 295€
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