My name is Mike Rijo and I am here to develop the best photography and professional image, creating the necessary conditions marking the difference for the best results in any company related to real estate, construction, architecture, hotel, tourism, and gastronomy.

During 10 years of my life, I went to the work area that completed me, through many challenges where I fall, I got up, I fell again and I got up doing the professional that I am. I was a basketball player, I was a professional dancer, drummer, and singer in some bands, giving music and dance training.

Knowing that the arts were entirely linked to me, I graduated in creative art and technology, working for various companies related to the branch. little by little I realized that the image was something that fascinated me when applied to market and selling product or services. As such, I trained in professional photography feeling immediately that this was the area that gave me all the necessary conditions to succeed personally and professionally.

The funny thing is that I grew up in an environment all connected to art where I have a mother who from an early age gave me to know the music from the Beatles, Queen among other classics and a father who had the dream of being a professional photographer. The irony: I became a professional photographer.

Nowadays most of my work is related to architecture, interiors, landscape, and gastronomy. Through my work, I intend to share experiences and knowledge with my clients and students in a professional, dedicated and humble way. My work is based on respect for reality as it is, with a photographic post-production that seeks only to highlight the beauty of realism. In each service provided, I always intend to promote the sale, rental or publicity of the same, creating the necessary conditions for companies to obtain better results, thus achieving success.